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Finding the Best Residential Furnace Filter

A good furnace filter prevents harmful contaminants from entering your residence and is the first defense against the germs and bacteria that are ruining the air quality of your home. As winter season approaches, people stay indoors more often and doors and windows are usually kept shut to avoid the cold winds from entering the home. This is when a good filter can save you from facing various diseases by improving the indoor air quality.

Experts recommend that you should replace your furnace filter once every month, as a dirty and inefficient filter will lead to damage of the heating system. Thus, a replacement will ensure that you are protected from paying large sums of money for HVAC repair.

However, before buying the ideal filter, you need to determine the MERV rating of the filter that you want to purchase. The MERV or minimum efficiency reporting value is the measure used to determine the efficiency of a particular filter. Thus, in order to buy the right one, you need to be aware of the ideal MERV rating that must be achieved by the furnace filter of your choice.

Once you have determined the ideal MERV rating, you need to determine the build and design that you prefer for your home, because when it comes to buying the right furnace filter, there are many different options available in the market. Hence, you need to decide which one is the best for your particular needs. Here is what you need to know about the different types of furnace filters, in order to buy a good filter to replace the existing one, and avoid a furnace repair in the future:

Fiberglass Air Filters

Although these filters are not generally recommended for residential use within HVAC units, they are an option available within the market. These filters are very thin and simply consist of a flat panel that can trap air particles and prevent them from entering your residence. The basic purpose of fiberglass air filters is to protect dirt from entering into the heating system, and thus, it is not the best option if you are aiming to improve the air quality within your home. The MERV rating of these filters is between 1 and 4.

Polyester and Pleated Air Filters

These filters are quite similar to the fiberglass air filters. However, polyester and pleated air filters have the ability to trap and prevent dust particles from entering into your house. These filters can remove nearly 45% of the pollutants that may enter your home and have a MERV rating of 8 to 13.
Washable Air Filters

Experts agree that washable air filters are not a good option for HVAC systems. Thus, they have a MERV rating of just 1 to 4, which is very low. These filters easily collect bacteria and fungi, which may then circulate into your home if they escape the filter. Thus, washable air filters should be avoided.

High-Efficiency Air Filters

A high-efficiency air filter can protect you from around 85% of the pollutants that are present in the air outside your home. This is why they have the highest MERV rating of 14 to 16, with 16 being the highest rating. These air filters are made of filter paper or synthetic polyester fibers, resulting in a highly efficient trapping of small particles. Whether it is dust, dirt, pollen, or any other pollutants, with a high-efficiency air filter, you can be sure that it will not reach the interior of your home.

Keeping all of the types of furnace filters in mind, you need to choose the one that is best for your home according to your monetary budget. If you are in need of advice or are in the midst of a do it yourself heater repair, you can contact a heating contractor to discover which filter is best for your residence.

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