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How to Maintain Your Heating System

Maintaining your heating system is a tedious job but if you want to avoid a furnace repair in the future, you must take care of your heating system and ensure that it is working properly with full functionality.

An HVAC repair can be costly, time consuming and troublesome, especially if the breakdown occurs right when you are in dire need of your heating or cooling system. Thus, here is how you can maintain your heating unit in the best condition to avoid a sudden failure:

Check Your Filter

Every heating unit has an air filter that prevents dust, dirt, and other debris from entering into your house. Thus, as it traps these particles and substance, the filter becomes dirty and clogged over time. A clogged filter will allow less warm air to circulate in your home and the heating pump will also have to work harder and longer to bring your interior to the right temperature.

Hence, it is best to check your air filter each month and to clean it if it is free from damage. Otherwise, you need to replace your filter before your pump overheats and has to be replaced completely.

Wash Your Heating Vents

The vents that provide hot air into your home will also become dirty with time. Hence, you should open the covers of the vent each year before the arrival of the winter season to wash them and dust away the dirt that has accumulated over the year. Cleaner vents will provide you with better airflow and a more energy efficient heating system, while also improving the air quality within your abode.

Remove Debris near the Outer Units

Every heating system has an outer heating unit where the pump is located. For optimum working of this heating pump, it is best to provide it with a few feet of clear space on all directions. Once a month, check the outer unit and determine that no debris is cluttering the area around the heating unit. Debris like fallen branches, leaves, trash, and other similar items can hinder the performance of the heating pump when they obstruct its airflow.

Clean the Filter Coils

If your outer heating unit is dusty, you can clean the filter coils and the fan within the unit. However, make sure that the unit is completely disconnected before attempting this cleaning. You can wipe the fan with a dry cloth and dust the coils to remove dirt.

Use the steps above to maintain your furnace in the best condition; and if you do not want to attempt the maintenance on your own and are still eager to avoid a heater repair, contact a professional heating contractor.

Professionals who are experts in the HVAC industry will be able to inspect your heating system and unit completely, providing you with peace of mind that your unit will not fail you during the winter months when it is needed the most.

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