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How to Save Money on Your Electric Bill by Optimizing the Temperature

A home’s central heating and cooling system is one of the biggest fuel and energy draining sources. Thus, you need to cut down on your consumption of fuel in order to pay less utility bills.

Do you want to save money on your energy bills? Are you wondering how to make this possible without turning off your heating and cooling systems during the winter and summer months respectively?

Here is how you can make that possible:

Set Your Thermostat

Recent technology has provided us with the facility to install a programmable thermostat in our homes. These thermostats can easily be programmed to reduce the temperature when you are not at home or when you are asleep. Thus, a reduced temperature equals to lesser fuel consumption, which leads to lower energy bills, saving your money. In addition, a lower temperature setting puts a lesser strain on the heating or cooling unit, allowing for less frequent heater repairs and air conditioner services.

When to Lower the Temperature on Your Thermostat?

Expert suggests that there are a number of times when you can reduce the temperature setting on your heating or cooling system to ease the performance of your central air ventilation system, resulting in a better functioning system with a reduced number of HVAC repairs. The times when you should reduce the temperature of your air ventilation system include:

  • When you are sleeping
  • When you are heading out of your home
  • When the home has reached a comfortable temperature

Out of these three instances, the most important one to remember is when you are leaving your home. If there is no one at home, and you do not want to return to a freezing home in the winter, or a heated home in the summer; then the best thing to do is turn your temperature setting to a lower level. In this way, your home will remain warm or cold, as per your requirements, while also being energy efficient in your absence.

What to Do If You Do Not Have a Programmable Thermostat?

If you do not have an automated and programmable thermostat installed in your home, the ideal solution would be to find a heating contractor or an air conditioner contractor, both of whom, will be able to install the new thermostat in your home.
Having a programmable thermostat adds to the convenience of everyday life, as you can easily leave the home without having to worry about the heating or cooling system.

Nevertheless, if you do not own a programmable thermostat, you can simply make sure that you manually turn down the temperature of your heating and cooling units, with respect to the instances mentioned above.

Keeping your temperature settings under control will not only save your money on electricity and utility bills. It will also make your home more energy efficient, benefiting the environment as well. Additionally, a heating or cooling system that is working on a reduced temperature will also result in fewer furnace repairs or air conditioner repairs, respectively.

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