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When to Replace an Air Conditioner

Have you recently gotten your air conditioner serviced? Did the maintenance provider recommend a replacement?

Your HVAC System and Air Conditioner are Ancient

Every air condition demands maintenance and repair from time to time. However, there comes a point when the state of your air conditioner is beyond HVAC repair and it is then that you need to opt for a replacement. In general, there are three common circumstances that point towards an air conditioning system replacement.

These symptoms are:

  • When to Replace an Air Conditioner
  • Your HVAC System and Air Conditioner are Ancient

Every home appliance has its lifespan that varies from model to model. However, if general, the maximum age of an air conditioner is 15 years. Thus, if your air conditioner has been installed for the past 10 to 15 years; it is probably reaching retirement; and will require a replacement.

Although a new air conditioning unit seems like a major investment; the older the air-conditioning system; the more energy it will consume. Hence, a new system will automatically save your money spent on high utility bills and provide you with a home that is more energy efficient. New air conditioners are not only more efficient, but will also provide you with better air quality, and reduce carbon emissions.

You are Frequently Paying Bills for Extensive Air Conditioner Repairs

As newer air conditioning models are developed with technological advancements, you need to determine if your old air conditioner is worth the frequent repair costs. With newer features, better air quality and energy efficiency, any air conditioner that you install in place of your existing one will be a long term investment to your home.

Along with frequent repairing costs, there will also come a time when your air conditioner will be beyond repair, and it is at that point in time that you will need to replace your HVAC system, no matter what the costs may be. Rather than waiting for an emergency situation, where the air conditioner is completely beyond repair, it is best to replace it beforehand. The upfront costs may be staggering for a replacement, but the frequent repairs may total up to the same amount or even more.

Your Air Conditioning Unit is not Providing Sufficient Cooling

Old air conditioners become inefficient and the owners start facing problems and inconsistencies in performance. As the system reaches its final time, it becomes an energy-draining machine that is not even providing you with cooling that is worth the cost. So thus, a well-used and old air conditioner will provide you with higher utility bills and lesser cooling, in spite of being operational for longer periods of time.

Hence, to attain temperature consistency and better comfort within your home, you will need to replace your air conditioning unit, as this is the only way to keep your home sufficiently cool with the help of your HVAC system.

Although all air conditioning units need to be replaced at one point in time, it is best to hire an air conditioning contractor to replace the unit before its dies down completely, so that you can beat the heat in your home within the summer months.

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